Information on Deed Storage, Retrieval and Shredding in Ireland

Property deeds are among the most important documents for an individual as well as a business which everyone wants to keep safe throughout his ownership of the property. So to protect these crucial documents they seek the services of a reliable deed storage service which can use various tools to keep them safe for long time as well as easily approachable whenever needed. Some the document management service providers offer document storage services in Dublin, Ireland along with shredding services for the owners of property deeds. They can not only keep these documents safe and easily retrievable until you own the property but also destroy them safely when they become obsolete for you.

Storage of deeds

title-deed-storage-in-dublinWhile storing your property deeds most of the document management service providers, who are experienced in storing legal documents safely, put a unique barcode on the box in which the document is stored safely so that you can track and locate them easily whenever you want to retrieve them for any purpose. They can also barcode individually each and every deed, if you want so for their better security. They use flexible storage options for your deeds including hard copy storage, electronic storage and media storage to provide 24 hour security through customized and easily traceable bar codes as well as advance grade fire protection systems. Many service providers also scan high quality images of the documents stored with them to provide their copy to their clients through DVD, CD or FTP for retaining with them as a proof. They offer effective storage service for you deeds for one year with 24×7 accessibility for all the 365 days.

Retrieval of stored deeds

They allow you to access your deeds stored with them whenever you want to see them for any reason. They offer unbroken chain of security regarding storage, processing and retrieval of your important documents including property deeds through their GPS tracking and alarm system to make their retrieval easy and quick. Most of them return your deed on the same day or at the most next day off applying for returning them. You also allow you to monitor your stored deed with them online while adding new deeds with them or requesting to retrieve them. In this way these storage service providers save your valuable space and time required to manage your important documents safely, regardless of their format. Oasis Group operate in Ireland and provide a secure and reliable service of records management and storage.

Tailor-made shredding service for stored deeds

Some of the document management service providers offer wide range of document destruction services to meet up you occasional or daily needs of disposing of the outdated or unwanted confidential documents including any kind of deeds safely so that they may not be misused by anyone. The document shredding services of most of these service providers include safe delivery of the documents to be shredded in locked consoles in your office and destroy them using cross-cut shredding technique for their safe destruction. They also issue certification of destruction for each shredded document to be used for any legal requirement.

Thus many document management service providers offer deed storage, retrieval and shredding services in a very safe and reliable environment.

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