Document Destruction

Every company or organization has information that needs to be securely destroyed. Document destruction is the systematic process of properly destroying and disposing confidential information to prevent security breaches. Customer lists, purchasing records, confidential client data, credit card data, payroll records and sales receipts are just some of the important information that needs to be kept secure. The law makes it very clear that customers and empDocument shredding destructionloyees have a right to have their information protected.

Implementing secure procedures and protocols to protect information is not only a company’s responsibility but also a legal obligation. If sensitive information ends up in a dumping site, it legally becomes fair game to any person who finds it.

Document destruction is especially critical in the face of increasing security threats globally. Identity theft is now a multibillion industry that funds organized crime, authorities say. Criminals have become very savvy and sophisticated, using specialized equipment and advanced methods to create fake identities. A piece or two of your personal information from your dumpster is all that is needed to steal your identity.

Here are the important aspects of document destruction:

Privacy concerns: Protecting your personal information as well as that of your employees and clients is extremely important. There are laid down procedures and protocols on how this can be done, and document destruction is a very apt method of doing it. Any paper that has names, contact information, financial details, medical history and legal documentation should be secured. These guidelines are not just for companies, but also for learning institutions, examiners and other organizations that keep internal and external data. Once somebody’s information comes to you, it becomes your responsibility to ensure it is protected.

Business and corporate concerns: All documents pertaining to company transactions are confidential. These transactions could be between a company and another, a company and a supplier, a company and a buyer and/or a company and the customers. For the security of both parties, all documents containing important information must be properly destroyed before being discarded. Security breaches can cause serious trouble for a company. They erode public trust and confidence meaning that profits can be affected. Add the heavy legal fines and you may just never recover.

Environmental concerns: Document destruction does not only protect individuals; it also helps to conserve the environment. Lessen the degradation caused by dumping by ensuring that your documents are shredded and recycled. Get a company that can guarantee total shredding before sending the waste to a recycling company or a paper mill.

What to look for in a document destruction company

Ensure that the company specializes in security shredding, whose sole aim is to protect all important documents and materials. Conduct some due diligence to see how they shred them, and whether they do it onsite or offsite. The company must provide a certificate that everything entrusted to them has been fully destroyed before being disposed.

Such firms are required by law to take all the reasonable and necessary steps to ensure complete destruction so that privacy is protected. At the end of the day, all organizations must take proactive measures so as to avoid risk.

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